More about HTML tags: –

More about HTML tags: – We use multiple tags inside HTML web page. HTML support a large number of tags that can be used to control the style and format of the display of web page. HTML tags and their function are as listed below –


HTML Tags and Their Functions



<HTML> _ _ _ </HTML> Signifies the beginning and end of a HTML file.
<HEAD> _ _ _ </HEAD> This tag may include details about the web page. Usually contains <TITLE> tag within it.
<TITILE> _ _ _ </TITLE> The text contained in it will appear in the title bar of the browser.
<BODY> _ _ _ </BODY> This tag contains the main text of the web page. It is the place where the <APPLET> tag is declared.
<H1> _ _ _ </H1>

<H6> _ _ _ </H6>

Header tags. Used to display headings. <H1> creates the largest font header, while <H6> creates the smallest one.
<CENTER> _ _ _ </CENTER> Places the text contained in it at the center of the page.
<APPLET _ _ _ > <APPLET _ _ _ > tag declares the applet details as its attributes.
<APPLET> _ _ _ </APPLET> May hold optionally user defined parameters using <PARAM> tags.
<PARAM _ _ _ > Supplies user-defined parameters. The <PARAM> tag needs to be placed between the <APPLET> and </APPLET> tags. We can use as many different <PARAM> tags as we wish for each applet.
<B> _ _ _ </B> Text between these tags will be displayed in bold type.
<BR> Line break tag. This will skip a line. Does not have an end tag.
<P> Para tag. This tag moves us to the next line and starts a paragraph of text. No end tag is necessary.
<IMG _ _ _ > This tag declares attributes of an image to be displayed.
<HR> Draws a horizontal rule.
<A _ _ _ > </A> Anchor tag used to add hyperlinks.
<FONT _ _ _ > _ _ _ </FONT> We can change the color and size of the text that lies in between. <FONT> and </FONT> tags using COLOR and SIZE attributes in the tag <FONT _ _ _ >
<! _ _ _ > Any text starting with a <! Mark and ending with a> mark is ignored by the web browser we may add comments here. A comment tag may be placed anywhere in a web page.

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