What do you mean by IDE? Explain different types of VB environment? Explain SDI environment –

Answer: – IDE means integrated development environment when multiple operations performed in single window is called IDE. In this environment user can create, edit executed and debug on single platform.

The user interface is perhaps the most important part of an application. It is certainly the most visible. To users, the interface is the application, they probably are not aware of the code that is executing behind the scenes.

When we design an application, a number of decision need to be made regarding the interface –

  1. Should we use the single document or multiple document type.
  2. how many different forms will you need.
  3. What commands will your menus include, and will we use toolbars to duplicate menu functions? What about dialog boxes to interact with the user?
  4. How much assistance do we need to provide.

Before we begin designing the user interface, we need to think about the purpose of the application. The design for a primary application that will be in constant use should be different from one that is only used occasionally for short period of time. An application with the primary purpose of displaying information has different requirements than one used together information.

Visual basic support the following three environments such as –

  1. Single document interface (SDI)
  2. Multiple document interface (MDI)
  3. Internet explorer interface.

A single documents interface or SDI contains single data window. An example, of the SDI interface in the WordPad application included with Microsoft windows. In WordPad, we can only one document at a time. We must close one document in order to open another.

A SDI application usually doesn’t contain window menus on its menu bar because we can’t move between data windows. When user opens new data file, the data replace the data currently shown in the open window.


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