Discuss the concept of VB project, creating, opening, and saving the projects.

Creating visual basic project: – When we select visual basic application from either desktop or from other option, a dialog box with a visual basic window will appear. Visual basic window will activate any when user select any one option out of multiple option.

A new project dialog box contents three tabs namely new, existing and recent. By default new tab is selected. If user select existing or recent tab, name of project file will appear instead of icon. There are number of icon appears including standard exe, ActiveX exe, ActiveX dll, ActiveX control, ActiveX document exe, ActiveX document dll, V.B. application wizard, V.B. wizard manager, data project, DHTML, IIS application, ADDIN and V.B. enterprise edition control.

  1. Standard exe: – This icon is commonly in use become standard exe is used for open new project and user can create their project using this application. Most of the application in visual basic are connected with standard exe project.
  2. ActiveX exe and ActiveX dll: – Both ActiveX components are OLE automation server. ActiveX component are basic code building components that do not have a visible interface and that can add special functionality to our application.
  3. ActiveX control: – An ActiveX control such as a text box or a command button control, is a basic element of the user interface. If the ActiveX control that comes with visual basic not provide functionality we need, we can build our own custom controls.
  4. ActiveX document exe and ActiveX document dll: – Both ActiveX documents are essential for documentation. It can run in the environment of a container that support hyperlinking.

Opening a visual basic project: – If a project is already exist, user can open it in two different ways. One way to open an existing project by using new project dialog box. When this dialog box appear on screen with three tabs namely new, existing and recent. Select either existing or recent tab from the dialog box. An existing tab display all visual basic project files. Select one project file and click on it. A recent tab work similar to existing tab but it display only few visual basic project file which are recently develop by the user. Select a file and click on the open button. In both cases, a visual basic project will open in visual basic window.

If we select new tab in new project dialog box, a blank project will open on screen. To open on existing project from blank visual basic project window, perform the following step.

  1. Click on the project button on the tool bar or choose the open project option from the file menu.
  2. An open project dialog box will appear on screen.
  3. Select a file name from open project dialog box and then click the open button. This process open an existing project on the visual basic window.

Saving a project: – A visual basic project provide at least  two file these two file are named as project one and form one by default and its extension are .vbp and .frm respectively. .vbp is a visual basic project file and .frm is a form file. To save a project, perform the following step.

  1. Choose the save project as from the file menu.
  2. We will be prompted separately for a form name and project name. Usually same name is given both file.
  3. Type the name we want to give to form file and project file.
  4. Click save button from the dialog box. Now both file are saved with two different extension.