Discuss DDL, DML and DCL –

DDL: – DDL stands for Data Definition language. The DDL is a component of SQL for creating table, changing name of table even deleting table from database engine.

The DDL is a one of the most important component of SQL because it constructs table in database engine and if table is non-constructed, we can’t insert or update data in existing table.

DML: – DML stands for Data Manipulation Language. Insertion and updating is common operation of DML. After creating table using DDL, data can be inserted, data can be updated or even data can be edited using DML.

There are number of statements including INSERT, UPDATE, and DELET commands used with DML. User can insert data in existing using INSERT command with their different form.

DCL: – DCL stands for Data Control Language. Using this feature user can control access of the data. Suppose user U1 has created a table company and he want to give permission of same table to user U2 them DCL give permission to user U2 to use this table for particular purpose.


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