Overview of java language: –

Overview of java language: – As we know java is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language. We can have developed java program for two different purpose. They are standalone application and web applets.

Standalone applications are programs written in java to carry out certain task on a standalone local computer. Infect, java can be used to develop program for all kinds of application. Executing a standalone java program involves two steps process.

  1. Compiling source code into byte code using javac.
  2. Executing the byte code program using java interpreter.

Applets are small java programs developed for internet application and is also called web applet. An applet located on a distant computer can be downloaded via internet and executed on a local computer using a java capable browser. We can develop applets for doing everything from simple animated graphics to complex game and utilities. Since applets are embedded in HTML document and run inside a wave page, creating and running applets are more complex than creating an application.


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