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Java environment: – Java environment includes a large number of development tools and 100 of classes and methods. The development tools are part of the system known as java development kit or JDK and the classes and methods are part of the java standard library and is also known as the application programming interface or API. Java development kit comes with a collection of tools that are used for developing and running java programs. The java development kit contains number of application such as – Applet viewer, javac, java, javap, javah, Javadoc, JDK.

Applet viewer enable us to run java applet without actually using a java compiler. javac is a java compiler which translate java source code to byte code files that the interpreter can understand. Java is a java interpreter which runs updates and application by reading and interpreting byte code file. Javap is a java program which enables us to convert byte code files into a programs description. Javah is a java header which produces header files for use with native method. Javadoc creates HTML format documentation from java source code file. And JDK is a java debugger, which help us to find errors in our programs.


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