Introduction to java: –

Introduction to java: – Java is a general purpose, object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems of USA in 1991. Originally called OAK by JAMES GOSLING, one of the inventors of the language, java was designed for the development of software for consumer electronic devices like TVs, VCRs, Toaster and such other electronic machine. The goal had a strong impact on the development team to make the language simple, portable and highly reliable. The java team which include Patrick Naughton discovered that the existing languages like C and C++ add limitations in terms of both reliability and portability. However, they mod dated their new language java on C and C++ but remove a number of feature of C and C++ that were consider as sources of problems and thus made java a really simple, reliable, portable and power full language.

The most striking features of language is that it is a platform natural language. Java is the first programming language that is not tied to any particular hardware or operating system. Programs developed in java can be executed anywhere on any system. We can call java as a revolutionary technology because it has brought in a fundamental shift in how it developed and used programs. Nothing like this has happened to the software industry before.


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