PL/SQL: – PL/SQL is a part of oracle and is used as an extension of SQL. PL/SQL is a super set of SQLs. It is a block structure language that enables developer to combines the power of SQL with procedural statements. PL/SQL bridges the gap between data base technology and procedural programming language. We can use PL/SQL do each think as codify our business rules through the creation of stored procedures and packages, trigger database event to occur or at programming logic to the SQL command.

PL/SQL plays a central role to both the oracle server and oracle developer tool. Oracle developer application make use of shared libraries and hold code and can be accessed locally or remotely. SQL data type can also be use in PL/SQL. Combined with direct the access that SQL provides, these shared data type integrate Pl/SQL with the oracle server data dictionary. The benefit of the PL/SQL application are –

  1. PL/SQL is a development tool that not only support SQL data manipulation but also provides facilities for condenser checking, branching and looping.
  2. Pl/SQL can also cooperate with oracle server application development tools such as oracle forms and report.
  3. PL/SQL can be used to group SQL statement together within a single block and to send the entire block to the server in a single call, thereby reducing network traffic.
  4. PL/SQL permit dealing with error a with required and facilities displaying user friendly message, when errors are encountered.
  5. PL/SQL allows declaration and use of variables in blocks of code.
  6. Using PL/SQL, all sorts of calculation can be done quickly and efficiently with in the use of oracle engine. This improves transection performance.
  7. Application retain in Pl/SQL are portable to any computer hardware and operating system, where oracle is operational. Hence, PL/SQL code block written for a DOS version of oracle will run on its UNIX version without any modification.

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