Example of creating tables: –

Example of creating tables: –

Create Table Employee (EName varchar2(10),ECode varchar2(10),ESal number(8,2),NSal number(6,2));

In case of above example, table name created as employee with four columns namely EName, ECode, ESal, NSal. Here, EName and ECode are character type data and ESAl and NSal are numeric type data with two decimal places.

Describe: – The describe command use in SQL for display listing of columns of existing table. Only table name can be use with describe command. Syntax of describe command is –

Describe <Table Name>;

Drop command: – A drop command is used in SQL to delete an existing table to make spaces on the disk. After deleting the table, this table is not used for any purposes. Syntax of the drop command is –

Drop Table <Table Name>;

Rename: – The rename command of SQL is used to change name of existing table. After changing the name of existing table, there is no mean of old table and we can use only new table name. syntax of the rename command is –

Rename <Old Table Name> To <New Table Name>;

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