Starting SQL: – SQL plus is a tool that provide user interface via which SQL quarry can be executed. The steps in invoking SQL are as fallows.

  1. Select SQL plus from program menu and click on it. An another way to opening SQL window by clicking on its icon from the desktop.
  2. A login window will appear on the screen. Type connect on SQL prompt. SQL provide us two prompts one by one on screen. These two prompts are username and password. Type system at username prompt and manager at password prompt and press enter twice. A connected message will appear on screen.
  3. Bellow the connected message, a SQL prompt will appear. Now we ready to use SQL command at that prompt.
  4. If user want to edit current SQL command, type ed\ at command prompt and press enter key. Contents of current command appear in edit window, where we can edit it and we can exit from this window by selecting exit option file menu.
  5. To disconnect SQL from oracle data base, type exit at SQL prompt and press enter.