Installing of oracle: –

Installing of oracle: – Oracle is an object relational data base. A relational data base is an extremely simple way of thinking about and managing the data used in a business. It is nothing more than a collection of data.

Before using relational data base in oracle, it is necessary to install oracle software in our system. Oracle software is available inform of CD. To install oracle in the system, insert application. CD in CD drive and start installation process. This process takes few minute for installation and after that oracle software is really to run.

Interfacing with SQL: – A SQL plus is a software product from oracle corporation that allows users to interactively use the SQL command, produce formatted reports and support written command procedure to access oracle data bases. With help of SQL, we can do the following.

  1. Enter, edit, store and run SQL command.
  2. Format, perform calculation on, store and print query result in the form of report.
  3. List colon definition of any table.
  4. Access and copy data between SQL data base.
  5. Send message to and accept request from the user.

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