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Oracle: – Oracle is a state of the art information management equivalent. It is a repository for very large amounts of data, and gives users rapid access to that data. The oracle server provide for the sharing of data between applications, the information is stored in one place and used by many system. The oracle server runs on dozens of different computer, supporting the following configuration.

  • Head based: – Users are connected directly to the same computer on which the data base reside.
  • Client / server: – Users access the data base from their personal computer via a network, and the data base sits on a main computer.
  • Distributed processing: – user access a data base that resides more than one computer. The data base is spread across more than one machine, and the users are unaware of the physical location of the data they work with.

We believe the oracle server has helped position oracle the company at the top of the list of successful data base vender. There are many significant feature that have catapulted oracle to the top of growing information management Vender Company. They are security mechanism, backup and recovery, space management, open connectivity and development tools.

Oracle’s sophisticated security mechanism control access to sensitive data by an assortment of privilege. Oracle provide sophisticated backup and recovery routines. If offers flexible space management. It provides for uninterrupted access to the data base 24 hours a day. Oracle provides open connectivity to and from other vendor’s software. Its server, commonly referred to as data base engine, support a wide range of development tool, end user query tool, off the self-application and office wide information management tools.


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