The common dialog control: –

The common dialog control: - The common dialog control used in visual basic to insert dialog box into document window. Most windows user using dialog box to brows their disk for a file to open or for a location to save a file. We can equip our application with the standard dialog boxes that most... Continue Reading →


Opening file: –

Opening file: - The open statement used in visual basic to open a sequential access data file as well as to open a random-access data file. If a data file is opened in random method, two items increases instead of sequential access method. An access mode and a record length must be specifying with open... Continue Reading →

Moving the record pointer: –

Moving the record pointer: - The seek statement is used to move record pointer in a random-access file. This statement can be used to move record pointer at any one record position. Syntax of the seek statement is –                 Seek <File Number>, <Record Position> If the next put or get statement does not specified... Continue Reading →

Reading Record: –

Reading Record: - The random-access file read one full record at a time. The get statement is used to input a record from a random-access file. Syntax of the get statement is –                 Get <File Number> [,Record Number] <,Variable Name> Where file number, record number and variable name have the same meaning as in... Continue Reading →

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