Setting up data control: – DAO data control already available on our tool box. This is part of the standard tool box. Draw the data tool on the form, it appear on the form with four button and a caption text box. It caption name is data one. Out of four button, two button appears at the left edge and two button appears at the write edge.

First button is used for move the record pointer at the top most record position. Second button is used to move record pointer at previous record from current record position. Third button is use to move record pointer at the next record from current record position and fourth button is used to move record pointer at the last record.

Using a data control is a two-step process. First we place data control on a form and set the properties to link it to a database file and a table. Then we create the control, such as labels, text boxes and show on to display the actual data. Each control is bounded to a particular field in the table and is called data bound control. Which automatically displays the contents of the bound field when it is run.

A data control generally links one forms with one table. If we want to have data bund control on a second form, we must place a data control on the form. We may place more than one data control on a single form when we wish to reference more than one table.