String: –

String: – It is a set of characters enclosed within pair of double quotes.

Ex: – “Hello”, “A”, “786”, “8”, “Hello World” etc.

In order to use string value, we can have two type of variables.

Array of character: – Declaration for array of character.

Syntax: –

                Char Array_Variable_Name[Size];

Ex: –

                char name[20];

Note: – Compiler automatically insert ‘\0’ (NULL) character at the end of string to indicate that string is being ended here.

Initialization of array of character: –

                Char ch[10]={‘S’,’t’,’u’,’d’,’e’,’n’,’t’,’s’};
                Char ch[10]=“Students”;

Initialization of anonymous array: –

                Char str[]=”Hello”;

String pointer: – We have another way to read and display using string pointer.

Syntax: –

                Char *Pointer_Variable_Name;

Ex: –

                char *str;
                char *name;
                char *ch;

From the above example string pointer (str, name, ch).

Note: – String pointer holds 2 bytes in memory on 16 bit compiler and 4 bytes in memory on 32 bit compiler.

Initialization of string pointer: –


Ex: –

                char *str=”hello”;
                char *name=”vikrant kumar”;

From the above example number one the string constant hello will be stored separately some ware and its first address will be assign into string pointer str.


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