V.B. application wizard and V.B. wizard manager: – The application wizard takes us through the steps of setting us the skeleton of a new application. We should not use this wizard unless we can develop a project on our own.

Data project: – It is identically to the standard exe project type, but it automatically adds the control that are used in accessing data base to the tool box.

DHTML application: – This application is added in visual basic version six and upper version. This application allows us to build dynamic HTML pages that can be displayed in the browser window on the client computer.

IIS application: – This application added in visual basic version six and upper version of visual basic. This application allows us to build application that run on the wave server and interact with client over there internet information server (IIS). We can interact with the server through a component called active server pages (ASP).

Add-ins: – We can create our own add-ins for the visual basic ide. Add-ins are special command we can add to visual basic menus.

V.B. emprise addition control: – This control is simple like standard exe control. This is not a new type of a project. It’s simply create a standard exe project and loads all the tools of the enterprise the addition of the visual basic.