Installing visual basic: – A visual basic is an integrated application of FoxPro, basic, etc. program. This integrated application is called visual studio to use visual basic application in computer memory, we must need to install visual studio in hard disk drive following by use this application as well as other windows program.

To install visual studio in computer system, we use an optical disk which content visual studio installing software. Insert this disk in CD drive. A setup program will executed and open a welcome window. This window content number of installing option select one option and click next button. Second window will open. In this window, user select license agreement and click I accept option button then click next button. In the third window, user enter a key number in a proper format then click next button. Fourth and last window will open. In this window, user can entered their own details in proper text boxes. In this window, next button will replace by finish button. After entering all information in proper text boxes, click finish button. Now installation process begins. This process take few minutes for installation. After that system restart automatically and upgrade installed application in hard disk drive. Now our system is ready to use application of visual studio same as application of MS office.

Loading visual basic application: – A visual basic application is a component of visual studio and it run on any window operating system. To run visual basic application in computers memory, window operating system provide multiple facilities. Out of multiple facility, two facility are commonly use.

We can run visual basic run either from main desktop or from menu option. It visual basic icon is already created on the main desktop, simply double click on this icon to open a new project window.

Another way to open visual basic by selecting menu choice. Select visual studio folder followed by click on visual basic option from all program menu choice. This will open the new project dialog box.