Input and output in C++ : –

Iostream is a class in C++ in which cout and cin are two objects which are used for display and read the value to / from the console respectively. Stream: - It is a sequence of bits (0 & 1) Istream (input stream): - It is also class for with cin object is created. Cin … Continue reading Input and output in C++ : –


Translator: –

It is a language processor which is to process or convert one language into another form of language. In order to compile C++ program we need to have four type of translator which are as fallows. Preprocessor: - It is a translator which takes high level language as input (.CPP file) and produces still has … Continue reading Translator: –

OOPS feature / buzzwords: –

Class Object Data abstraction Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism Template / generosity   Class: - it is a blueprint for which only virtual structure is mentioned (It does not have physical intense). A class may have many dots members (Member variables as well as member function). Syntax: -                                 Class class_Name { _ _ _ _ _ … Continue reading OOPS feature / buzzwords: –

Advantages of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System): –

It provides data security by using private keyword with data. It provides constructor and destructor to allocate and de-allocate of memory for object respectively. It provides reusability concept in which one class uses the properties of another class. It provides facility to use more than one functions with same name but with different signature. The … Continue reading Advantages of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System): –